Hi everyone,
Total newbie here. I have an ancient 480M GTX laptop that ran Cinnamon 18.1.3 fine but it couldn’t update via gui. So I tried pacman and pamac updates from the terminal and got various glibc errors followed by a crash that prompted me to use another TTY. I can get in but thought it would be quicker to transfer data over and do a fresh install than try to fix it.

The latest versions of manjaro don’t install install (fail on light display manager) so I dug up the original 18.1.3 cinnamon iso and got a live version running as originally. Interesting but probably irrelevant side note - I can see all my data without entering the luks password.

Now trying to update pacman and getting the usual errors:
installing libcanberra (0.30+2+gc0620e4-4) breaks dependency ‘libcanberra=0.32+2+gc0620e4-2’ required by libcanberra-gstreamer
removing kmpcore3 breaks dependency ‘kpmcore3’ required by partionmanager3

In the latest stable update message it says
You might be blocked updating when using pacman due to some libcanberra packages. Simply remove those packages: sudo pacman -Rdd lib32-libcanberra-pulse lib32-libcanberra-gstreamer libcanberra-pulse libcanberra-gstreamer. We recommend to use pamac anyway, which does this automatically: pamac update

Attempting to remove returns error 'target not found: lib32-libcanberra-gstreamer. Pamac update returns the same ibcanberra and kpmcore depedency issues.

Am I doomed to install an unupdatable version? Would be ok for what the machine would be used for but I thought this might be an opportunity to learn something.

Update through pamac instead and you’ll be fine. Those are obsolete and are supposed to be removed. Pamac will do it for you if you update with pamac instead

But he wrote: “Pamac update returns the same ibcanberra and kpmcore depedency issues”
I think it could fail because he wants to upgrade a rolling release from version 18 up to version 21?

No not trying to upgrade from 18 to 21 (21 doesn’t seem to support the Nvidia 480M GPU even with proprietary option on install), so just trying to get pamac / pacman working in 18.

Manjaro is a rolling release distro. Check for details here:

It does not make much sense trying to avoid updating to the latest repo status. If your hardware won’t be supported any longer it might be a reason to look for another distro.


Only if I understood you correctly…
The idea of being able to upgrade an outdated version later within the same version does not work with a rolling release.

Thanks, that would explain it. Doesn’t work with new version = can’t properly update old version. Just tried updating the kernel to see if it would keep the working ‘old’ display drivers, but it didn’t. Trial and error time for other distros I guess!

The 480M GTX will no longer be easy to configure because the Nvidia 340xx driver is no longer supported by manjaro. But I think with other distros it is only a matter of time before it is also thrown out of there. Good luck.

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