Lenovo Yoga 7 gaming performance issues

I recently got a fancy new Lenovo Yoga 7 and everything seems to run fine except for hardware acceleration. Performance is just awful in games. Like 20 fps vs 100 in Windows. Even Minecraft. I am running kernel 5.19 so I should have everything I need. Everyone else doesn’t seem to have this problem. I did, however, see a few posts regarding poor nvme compatibility on their Alder Lake devices. I do have a new drive coming in the mail in a couple of days so hopefully, that’s all it is. I’ve tried both wayland and xorg sessions on plamsa. I don’t have Manjaro installed this minute because I’m waiting for the new drive, but now that I’m thinking about it, I did see some ACPI errors on boot. I’m just used to ignoring those. So I’ll update with that info in a few days.

Well installing 1TB Silicon Power nvme 1.3 and a fresh install of Manjaro seemed to fix it. I guess something was corrupt or not compatible with my old drive. Most likely a corrupt file.

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