Lenovo Thinkpad can't boot into Manjaro

So updated my Laptop and suddenly the next Time i booted it i couldn’t boot into the Manjaro OS. It let me choose it as Choice but nothing happened. So after turning my Laptop on and off for 5-7 Times it suddenly booted. This happens everytime now. I just wanted to know if there is a way how i could fix this problem. It is really annoying especially if i am trying to work. Help is appreciated.

Did you install on an encrypted filesystem by any chance? It is possible that your system is low on entropy. :thinking:

To my knowledge i never installed a encryption program.

Well, what you could try, if you get the system to boot up ─ give it some time ─ is install haveged. It’s a random number generator, and it never hurts to have it installed… :arrow_down:

sudo pacman -Syyu haveged
sudo systemctl enable haveged --now
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Ok i installed it should i restart my laptop now and send the results ?

Yes please. :slight_smile:

I rebooted 2 Times and both worked. But why did this fix it i am just curious ?

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I thought so already. A lack of entropy is quite common on Thinkpads. :wink:

You need the entropy for several things, like password encryption, encrypted filesystems, SSL, and so on. :wink:


Wow, thats an error I never ever had with my thinkpads. T series starting in 2000 and the past 5 machines under Manjaro O.o Thank you very very good to know.

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Well, it must be said that cryptographic needs have grown quite a lot since those days. The algorithms are now much more complex ─ for security reasons ─ and so more entropy is needed.

Your CPU doesn’t provide enough entropy of its own at boot time, which is where haveged comes into play. You can read more about it here… :arrow_down:



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