Lenovo T490 slow performance and no network on recent kernels, works fine on older kernels

Manjaro enjoyer of a few years seeking some assistance after being unable to find a solution searching the forums etc.

Have run latest version of Manjaro Plasma and XFCE successfully for around a year on a fairly typical 4-year old Lenovo T490 Thinkpad, spec is all Intel CPU, graphics, LAN (e1000e i think?) and wireless
spec from Lenovo linux certification for the T490:
|Processor|Intel Core i7-8565U CPU @ 1.80GHz|
|Hard Disk Device|Samsung PCIE NVMe|
|Graphics Card|Intel UHD Graphics 620|
|Chipset|Whiskey Lake(Intel 300 series chipsets)|
|Ethernet|Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V|
|Wireless|Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 9560|
|Audio|Realtek ALC257 Codec|

No unusual apps or configuration. Upgraded with Pamac regularly to every point release… since 23.1.0 system had become a bit unstable, and after upgrade to 23.1.1, ultimately unusable.

It takes a very long time to boot, and then to login. At that point i have no network connectivity over LAN or wifi, and system tray icon reports “network manager is not running”. I no longer see network devices in the system. Some simple commands will work, eg “inxi” or “uname -a”, but “inxi -Fazy” or opening most settings manager modules will just hang indefinitely. I’m aware of the xdg-desktop-portal-gnome bug with slow app loading, unsure if related, but without network access i can’t try the workaround.

I was on KDE and kernel 6.6. I had 6.1 installed so tried rebooting into that, same issue.

I downloaded the following Manjaro ISOs and booted them from USB with the following results:

XFCE 23.1.1 on kernel 6.6.8 - same problem
XFCE 23.1.1 minimal on kernel 6.1.68 - same problem
XFCE 23.1.1 minimal on kernel 515 - same problem
XFCE 23.1.0 on kernel 6.6.7 - same problem
KDE 23.1.1 on kernel 6.6.8 - same problem

XFCE 22.0.5 on kernel 6.1 - this works fine - snappy logon, all apps load promptly, network interfaces all working again.
XFCE 23.0.4 on kernel 6.5.5 (i know this is EOL now) - this also works fine, as above.

I installed 23.0.4 to disk and it continued to work fine.
I updated it with Pamac to 23.1 2024-01-02 which upgraded the kernel to 6.5.13-7… upon reboot it revert to the same problem again.

Reinstalling 23.0.4 restored functionality.

Can anyone assist or help me troubleshoot? Bear in mind i’ve not been able to get inxi to return information when passing additional arguments to it in the console, on problematic installs.

Also, is it possible to install new apps via the package manager on an old release, like 23.0.4, without upgrading the whole system?

many thanks

Everything you’ve described so far points at a hardware problem — either the RAM or the drive.

No, partial updates are not supported.

Aragorn, thanks very much for your replies and advice around partial updates. Have also appreciated reading your support responses elsewhere in the forum. :vulcan_salute:

I don’t think the issue is related to faulty hardware. After further testing, i suspect an incompatibility with something introduced in recent kernels (I’ll try to update the title as such), and think it seems unlikely a HW fault, given:

  • The system ran well under sustained use and only exhibited faults after upgrading to 23.1 and it’s bundled kernel upgrades, meanwhile, the Windows 10 dual boot on the system continues to run without issue.

  • The system reliably exhibits the fault under multiple new installs of either 23.1 running the newer kernels they come bundled with, and also on 23.0 but only after upgrading to most of the latest kernels.

  • The system continues to reliably function under reinstalls of 23.0 on the 6.5.5 kernel. 23.0.4 also works if installing the current 5.10 kernel, and also earlier releases, eg 22.0.5 with the older 6.1 kernel it’s bundled with.

  • re SSD: the results are replicated whether booting from a fresh Manjaro install on the SSD including replacing the Manjaro partition, and the faults also occur identically when booting from multiple different liveCD USB sticks without using the system SSD at all. Windows continues to run fine from the same SSD. Smart tests report good across the board for the Samsung PCI-e3 NVMe drive, no media errors, no critical warnings.

  • re RAM: 2x Samsung 8GB DDR4-2666 SODIMMs from 2019 in dual channel running at up to 2666MHz on standard timing CAS 19-19-19-43 completes a full pass of Memtest86+ without error, and also continues to run the Windows 10 dual boot and any re-installs of 23.0 Manjaro without any error, under considerable daily usage.

FYI slight correction to PC stats above.

  • Core i5 8365U Whiskey Lake CPU on Intel Coffee Lake chipset mainboard.
  • Latest Lenovo firmware 1.81 from Oct 2023

I did further testing to try and isolate the problem. I re-installed 23.0.4. This worked fine on it’s bundled 6.5.5-1 kernel yet again. I did not upgrade any general Manjaro packages but just installed additional kernels via MSM.

Booting into 6.6.8-2 on 23.0.4 was very slow, and the network adapters were broken again once the system did load. Rebooting on the 6.1.69-1 kernel had the same problem - slow boot, errors present in logs, no network access, sudo commands would freeze but they would work under su. It also hangs when shutting down. Other current kernels i tried on this 23.0.4 install also failed: 6.7.0rc7-2, 5.15.145-1. Rebooting back on 6.5.5-1 completely restored proper system function each time.

Booting on kernel 5.10.205-1 did work properly! For the record, many previous 6.x kernels had also worked over the last 12 months or so of regular updates.

On most of these boots i opened a terminal and under su ran journalctl --priority=3 --catalog --no-pager, dmesg, and cat /var/log/boot.log
On the problematic boots, several issues reported, which appeared to be the same each time.
On the boots into a functional environment (23.0.4 on kernels 6.5.5 and 5.10.205) most of the following errors were not present - except the iwlwifi and Bluetooth hci0 and gkr-pam messages were still there.


  • kernel: iwlwifi BIOS contains WGDS but no WRDS
  • Bluetooth: hci0 Malformed MSFT vendor event 0x02
  • lightdm[1490]: gkr-pam: unable to locate daemon control file
  • systemd[1504]: Failed to start Sound Service
  • kernel: task kworker/u16:1:12, NetworkManager, wpa_supplicant, s-daemon blocked for more than 122 seconds, not tainted
  • systemd[1]: Failed to start Accounts Service, RealtimeKit Scheduling Policy Service, Portal service
  • pulseaudio[2238]: GetManagedObjects() failed org.freedesktop.systemd1.ShuttingDown: Refusing activation, D-Bus is shutting down

dmesg: shows similar messages to journalctl, i didn’t spot any additional issues in red.

boot.log: Failed to start Virtual Console Setup however i see this on my other Manjaro systems without issue. No other FAILED notices in boot.log, even those mentioned in journalctl like Network Manager and WPA supplicant.

inxi --full --admin --filter --width runs and reports all the expected system config info in-line with the specs i shared earlier. I can dump this to a USB and bring to functional workstation to post if necessary.

Using Pamac to upgrade the a fresh 23.0.4 install to 23.1.2 2024-01-02 also broke system functionality in the same way. This upgraded the 6.5.5-1 kernel to 6.5.13-7 which I suspect is the reason rather than due to general package upgrades.

So I reinstalled 23.0.4 and it’s bundled 6.5.5-1 (known working). I set the linux65 package to ignored in Pamac’s preferences so it would hold 6.5.5-1 and not upgrade to the current 6.5.13-7 which is a kernel that has previously triggered the issue. I upgraded all other Manjaro packages from 23.0.4 to 23.1.2 2014-01-02, including linux-firmware. This works fine! I was able to reboot into 6.5.5-1 and 5.10.205 on 23.1.2 and the system works perfectly. If i reboot into 6.6.8 it fails in the same way as before.

In summary, the system works fine seemingly regardless of Manjaro build, so long as on certain kernels - including the current kernel 5.10.205-1, as well as numerous historic kernels in the 5.x and 6.x branch over the past 12 months or so (problem only arose recently), at least including 6.5.5-1 from 23.0.4. I also know the kernel in 22.0.5 (6.1.1?) works fine when i boot from an old 22.0.5 image.

Meanwhile, the system consistently faults when booting most of the currently available kernels, including 6.7.0rc7-2, 6.6.8-2, 6.5.13-7, 6.1.69-1, 5.15.145-1 as well as more recent historic kernels including 6.6.7. This happens regardless of whether the base install for general Manjaro packages is at 23.0.4 or 23.1.2.

For what it’s worth the installs are entirely vanilla, no customization going on, and I run Manjaro on several other PCs without issue. What do you think - have I potentially run into a compatibility issue, albeit perhaps with modern kernels? Are there any diagnostics I can attempt to run under any particular configuration and report back on that would shed more light?

I would like to discover the reason for the newer kernels not working, and work towards a solution for running a currently supported 6.x kernel successfully - given 6.5.x is EOL now. Various older 6.x kernels have worked, and I’d be uncomfortable relying on 5.10 to continue working given that more recent releases of 5.15 now do not and whatever change that has been introduced to the other kernels may yet be brought to the 5.10.x tree.

If there’s an incompatibility, then there must be a reason. My desktop computer here has an Intel i5 of the same generation as yours , albeit that it’s an 8400, and I am not having any problems whatsoever on kernel 6.1 — I haven’t tried 6.6 yet because it’s still too new for my taste.

Is your EFI firmware up to date? Are there any known quirks associated with that machine? :thinking:

Yes the firmware is current and there are no documented quirks i see anywhere.
For what it’s worth, after updating to Manjaro 23.1.3-1 it continued to work on kernel 6.5.5.-1, the updated 6.6.10-1 still did not work, but the new 6.7.0-0 kernel does work properly. Maybe someone knows what changed that made everything chronologically between 6.5.5 / 5.10.205 and 6.7.0, not work on this Lenovo system.

Hi there, I have same laptop and its uefi bios has an issue that calls kernel to lower performance, sometimes it enforces powersave, sometimes balanced mode; to add some more complexity lap-mode is also a thing that doesn’t work properly; all in all it’s how about thinkpad_acpi manages platform_profile; in general lenovo is aware and new firmware 1.82 should address that. I don’t know wheter your problems are caused by that but they might be. Not sure how it’s on Manjaro but EndeavourOS with liqourix kernel makes that laptop useable.