Lenovo Legion M600 mouse bluetooth connected but not working

Mouse: Lenovo Legion M600
Kernel: 5.17.9-1

Problem: mouse perfectly detects and connects, but no moving or responding in any way.

bluetoothclt shows device:

[bluetooth]# devices
Device D7:9B:D4:7E:CE:04 Legion M600 Mouse

btmon responds to mouse moving, buttons clicking:

Bluetooth monitor ver 5.64
= Note: Linux version 5.17.9-1-MANJARO (x86_64)                                                                          0.903715
= Note: Bluetooth subsystem version 2.22                                                                                 0.903719
= New Index: 60:E3:2B:D6:A3:39 (Primary,USB,hci0)                                                                 [hci0] 0.903720
= Open Index: 60:E3:2B:D6:A3:39                                                                                   [hci0] 0.903721
= Index Info: 60:E3:2B:D6:A3:39 (Intel Corp.)                                                                     [hci0] 0.903721
@ MGMT Open: bluetoothd (privileged) version 1.21                                                               {0x0001} 0.903723
> ACL Data RX: Handle 3585 flags 0x02 dlen 8                                                                   #1 [hci0] 0.974657
      ATT: Handle Value Notification (0x1b) len 3
        Handle: 0x0022
          Data: 64

Starting from Kernel 6.0 this mouse works with bluetooth. Just in case someone will search for an answer.

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