Lenovo Ideapad + Manjaro (only OS) -> Can't enter BIOS

Could you provide the output of:

efibootmgr --verbose

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Then it is clear… Your UEFI is working in full legacy mode. So UEFI will not work. Actually i have no idea then. Only unplug the internal SSD and start without could solve this, if nothing else like F12 or F2 work.


Im running Linux Mint 20 on my Lenovo ideaPad S340. From grub boot menu select system setup, or just powerdown laptop and use paper clip into setup hole beside SDCard Slot.

Im still using UEFI boot enabled, I can run secure boot for found it does not like VirtualBox.

I have an IdeaPAd 5 14 (14ARE05) with 4600U and usually no problem entering the BIOS.
The moment I turn on the laptop, I start pressing F2 (no Fn key, I think, but you could also try Del(Entf) as well for good measure), never seen this other menu. However, this might be different between the 15 and 14 inch versions, or since I never had Windows on my laptop.

As already mentioned, I don’t have the Option to select “System Setup”. megavolt proposed one way to add that, but unfortunately that did not work.
Using the paperclip does the same thing as pressing (FN +) F2.

So you’ve never seen the “Novo Button Menu” and load right into the Boot Menu/BIOS Setup?

Exactly, never had the Novo Button Menu showing up.

I’m using the 14’’ version, without pre-installed Windows, BIOS 1.06.

Well, good for you haha.

Best to my luck, i don’t have tools right now to open my Laptop and remove the Hard Drive.
Isn’t it possible to format the hard drive and make it like free-dos?

If you manage to make it start from a bootable USB-drive, you should be able to do whatever you want with the partitions on it. But that’s part of the problem right now, isn’t it?

Yep, I can’t start from a bootable USB-drive.

Bring it back where you bought it from and have a professional re-image the system.


And when you get it back: keep Windows around on a 64 GB partition for the first 6 months

Well luckily I rembered I had a screwdriver from my watch repair kit which worked for opening the case.

I removed the hard drive. Started the Laptop and got the boot menu. Inserted the USB-Stick with Win 10 on it and startet it from the boot menu. While in the installation setup for win 10 I installed the hard drive again, aborted the installation setup for win 10 and it started automatically again, but now it could detect my hard drive where I installed Win 10.

Thanks again to everyone for the help!

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So hitting the BIOS Setup button takes you straight into Manjaro?

Well sort of. Hitting the Button takes me to the “Novo Button Menu” as seen in the pictures above.
But yeah choosing any option TOOK me straight into Manjaro. Right now I only have Win 10 again. The Problem stays the same but atleast I can enter UEFI within Win 10

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