Lenovo IdeaPad 7 AMD 4800

Dear anyone know if Manjaro kde can be installed on Lenovo running AMD chips

Can’t think of any reason why not.

Try running it off a USB key first though



Thanks for the update. I am looking to get a new laptop and want to make sure it will be supported with updated drivers. I am currently using lg gram but not happy with the absence of finger print drivers.

With fingerprint readers you have to be careful. Try to get information which model it is and then check for compatibility with linux.

IMO, would have been a lot better to ask in https://www.reddit.com/r/AMDLaptops/

A lot of people actually use Linux there too, and can answer if every part of the laptop is working fine or not on Linux.



I have a Lenovo Ideapad flex 5 AMD 4500U, which so far works best with kernel 5.7.12+ (not 5.8 yet) and with tlp disabled. I have not tried to get the fingerprint reader working. Backlight level is not remembered from cold start but seems to be remembered with suspend. I find the flex 5 works well overall for a relatively new device. I imagine that the IdeaPad 7 will be similar, it looks like the same chassis.

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