Lenovo E580 Kernel problems Manjaro freeze


I have an E580 with the following specs:

I cannot boot into linux live disc for PopOS, Ubuntu, elementary OS, or Manjaro. They load up just fine and display the splash screen so I know it isn’t a BIOS setting like secure boot, UEFI/Legacy etc. Some of them freeze on the cli and others freeze upon the live disc loading. I have successfully used these live disc on other laptops and with different USB drives so those are not the problem.

After manually installing Manjaro(Arch) using Manjaro architect, it will immediately crash after 1-2 seconds on any kernel except 5.4, 4.19, and 4.14. For these kernels, it will crash after anywhere from 10seconds to an hour or two.

Windows 10 runs fine and the only thing that could possibly be related is an ACPI error

5.7, 5.8, 5.9, and 5.10 all crash either instantly or will fail booting(kernel panic or just frozen).

I have one 500GB HDD and one 500GB NVMe x4(Dual boot windows/linux)

I disabled virtualization, I/O for the SD reader and Fingerprint reader. BIOS is up-to-date. No affect.

I reseated the RAM, installed a new NVMe, still the issues persist. I really hope someone at Intel didn’t jack up the firmware, or even worse, my machine just has faulty hardware.

Can you get to GRUB? If so, press e when the “Boot: Manjaro x86_64 …” option is selected, then find the security=apparmor' part (end of first line), and modify it so that it says security=apparmor efi=debug earlycon=efifb keep_bootcon debug 3'; and if you see the word quiet somewhere, remove it, then press F10. That could shed some light on the issue(s).

What does crash mean? Can you get to the kernel message buffer?

Thanks for your response.

I enabled verbose logging per your guidance but nothing stood out. It booted just fine as usual and then froze after I moved the mouse cursor. Sometimes it will freeze before even showing the desktop. Sorry for the confusion, when I said it crashes I meant it freezes. I really think it has something to do with the video driver. I installed Manjaro from architect without issue but when I do anything with a GUI it freezes.

I reverted the BIOS today as well and it did not help.

Does journalctl show anything relevant for the time when the machine freezes? Can you connect to the machine with SSH? That way you could see the kernel log in real time when it freezes? Can you post the output of inxi -Fazy?

I never did get this working unfortunately, I had to sell the laptop and get a new one. In the end I think it was some sort of weird hardware fault since I broke the SD card reader.