Legion 5 Fan Control

  • I bought a new laptop - Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05 - and I’m using Manjaro as the main OS.
  • the fans are spinning almost all the time, even if I’m not doing heavy tasks and the temperature is low.
  • the room temperature is 26°C and both the CPU and the GPU are 35°C, I think at this temperature both should stop the fans.
  • the CPU fan stops spinning if I’m not using the laptop but the GPU fan still spins,
    I installed TLP and thermald and lenovo legion linux, but the problem still exist

FYI, Thermald is only for Intel processors. Having all three of those tools installed is counterproductive as they all will try and accomplish similar tasks. Remove two and only try one at a time. There may be helpful info here: Laptop/Lenovo - ArchWiki