Learning cybersecurity using Manjaro

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Is it possible to use Manjaro while learning Cybersecurity concepts (such as Pentesting, Forensic Analysis, etc) and tools commonly used in the field?
I’ve read some articles advocating the use of either Debian or Kali Linux; I really love Manjaro and my computer is too potato to dual-boot.
Just to clarify, I’m pursuing an Ethical Hacking certification studying everything on my own.

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Anything available on Arch is available here.
For example … most of what kali offers is already in the repos or AUR.

If you want to pursue learning … I suggest you get comfortable doing research and testing and such yourself.


Being a ‘hacker’ (ethical or otherwise) requires personal initiative… not just copy/pasting.


Good to know. Well I have a lot of personal initiative and I don’t get shocked by the amount of things to learn :slight_smile:

I honestly believe a lot of stuff is … well … what we sometimes call ‘script kiddies’ … folks think they should just download a package or 2, hit ‘go’, and then they “have access to the mainframe” or their neighbors wifi or whatever.

Sure … there are tools like that. And theres many more tools that have that kind of functionality when you combine them together. It makes sense, to me, to learn the basics and not rely on such things.
(though, again, you will likely find such tools easily accessible in the AUR … and compiling a program from a github source isnt a terrible ‘barrier of entry’ to using such tools)

And besides … as with all things … it takes the operator to know what needs tweaking, why, how to use outputs, put them together to achieve some sort of outcome, etc.

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That’s good to know. I didn’t mean to sound like one. It’s just that a lot of courses and articles suggest me to use the distro and I’m more interested in learning the fundamentals first and create some small things with Python and see where it goes… :slight_smile:
One more reason to love Manjaro, I guess. It has a lot of stuff available :smiley:


There is one repo that rules them all - due to the quality of their packages - and this is ArchStrike.

ArchStrike is a high quality repo - like some of the repos offered by Arch TUs - and as always - adding third party repo is unsupported - but the goal you are pursuing qualify for some challenge - which you will get - most of all have fun - when you get root.

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If you’re looking for something specific to pentesting there are distro’s that cater to such interest. One that comes to mind is ParrotOS https://www.parrotsec.org/ and in my opinion is absolutely wonderful.


To be a hacker you need a second compuer in order to hack into the first one.


Is it possible to use a VM? I don’t have a 2nd computer

It is possible but not so much fun

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