LCD Monitor Display 3,5 AX206


I use dual boot and I have this AX206 display that I use with AIDA64. Is there any way to use it in Linux to monitor the hardware?

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Did you perhaps search the web for something like, AX206 display linux before posting? If so, what were your findings and what did you try?

Literary the first google result tells you it is possible. How exactly - i have not done it, you will have to do your research.

Thanks for the answer. I had already seen it but was looking for something simpler. I know there is no AIDA64 for Linux. I don’t have much knowledge to compile.

I already compiled it but now I need the /etc/lcd4linux.conf file. Can anyone help?

I have these errors now.

drv_init(serdisplib) failed: no such driver
Error initializing driver serdisplib: Exit!