Layout tiling gnome 40 in testing branch

I change to tiling in gnome layout of testing branch and i have this problem. i am not good at english so i don’t know how to describe it

can anyone know ho to fix it

You have enabled Material Shell extension and probably have also the Pop Shell extension enabled, and they do not play together.
If you indeed changed from Layout Switcher, probably have to restart the shell/session.
If you are on Xorg then by pressing Alt+ F2 and then type r in the command field box and then press Enter - it will restart the shell and all should load fine.
If you are on wayland then log out or restart the system. Not sure if Material Shell works fine in wayland tho, or there is a regression …

Let us know how this goes.

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it turns out that i enable blur my shell in extension which i install from aur. After turn that off, it turn back to normal but thanks for help me :heart:

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