Launch Installer button not functioning

Hi! I’m fairly new to Linux but I understand the basics and was trying to install Manjaro KDE as a dual boot but for some reason when I click the “Launch Installer” button, nothing happens. All the other buttons on the Manjaro Hello pop-up work fine. Any solutions?

secure boot disabled in bios;
fast boot disabled in bios - you may not have this option;
fast startup disabled in windows, if you have windows;
AHCI enabled - RAID disabled - if you have windows and you switch to AHCI, you will not be able to boot into it;

download the latest iso from manjaro site;
and use Ventoy to flash the iso

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If the ISO is dysfunctional - there is a high probability of an ISO which is incomplete or damaged during download.

Verify the ISO is complete either using checksum or gpg

I have tested the most recent Gnome Minimal ISO - and the Luunch Installer button behaves as expected - launching the installer.

I could provide a :framed_picture: but I won’t, you just have to take my word for it

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Alr I’ll try those later today, but I installed Manjaro GNOME several month prior with no issues

Yeah already did that before

Alr I managed to fix it. Turns out the window was hiding on my second screen which was blank :confused: