Latte-dock with gnome

Hello fellow Manjaro users.
I need highly customisable dock for my touch screen displays. I tryed every dock extension for gnome but it was broken or touch wasn’t working all the time or it just wasn’t customisable. Now when I think about it I doubt any of them was customisable enough. So I decided to go for latte-dock. I tryed it on Manjaro Budgie live usb and it was working so I decided to reproduce the installation on gnome.
Am I right to thingk what is working on budgie will probably work on gnome?
I downloaded latte-dock with pamac install latte-dock and than I tried to run it but I got following warning:

Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland to run on Wayland anyway.
QSocketNotifier: Can only be used with threads started with QThread

The dock seems to be running but I can not to see it anywhere on the screen and also setting global variable won’t make the warning go away.
Also I am not making duplicite thread I saw this one:
I just don’t get it why shouldn’t latte-dock work on gnome and I just can’t even imagine everyone using gnome with just panels that it offeres by default or through extensions.

from what I know of latte-dock is dependent on a lot of kde-specific packages and getting it to work would be like migrating from gnome to kde (troublesome, but possible). Might want to look into plank.

Plank supports only X11 enviroment.

OK so I have just changed to Xorg and latte is working
I can not even spot difference. So if I may ask :slight_smile: What is the difference between wayland and Xorg? What should I be using?

Wayland is newer and has some nice-to-have features that are not natively provided by xorg (for example native touchpad gestures and touchscreen support that does not take your finger as a cursor, just to name a few)

xorg is much older, therefore does not have as many sparkly new features, but it is what most GUI packages are built for and therefore mostly “just works”. Also Nvidia proprietary drivers only support xorg.

I use xorg personally, since I want most of the features of my DE to work and things like touchpad gestures can be added to it with some messing around.

Have you tried to launch it with env QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland latte-dock ?
Just a wild guess.

I thought so. But I have laptop with double touch screen and its functionality is the same with xorg or wayland.

Latte v0.10.x can work at different desktop environments under X11 such as Gnome, XFCE, etc.
you will need of course plenty of plasma and kde dependencies but it should work.
Latte and Plasma under Wayland environment is also possible and is working acceptable.

Latte and Gnome Wayland currently is not supported, wayland is a totally new world and everyone is struggling to support it.

The reasons why Latte and Gnome Wayalnd does not not work yet are:

  1. Latte currently does not have any such implementtaion. If any gnome fix/patch/merge request is sent to the project of course and I will accept it as long as it does not break Latte functionality on other desktop environments
  2. Lately I fall into a blog article explaining why Plank which is the default dock for GTK environments does not support wayland yet at all. As it appears Gnome does not provide any solution yet for external docks to work under wayland.

I hope that explained it.
I am the main Latte Developer
(actually there is noone else yet)


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