Latte Dock Git, Black Portion on Position

Okay, here’s the stuff.

I’m using Latte Dock (Git)
I updated my system yesterday, including Latte Dock (Git) from AUR

Upon Reboot, I get this:

then, I tried to restart, still the same, so I decided to Kill Latte Dock Process, the Run it again.
It works. but after Restart, the issue persists.

Any way I can Boot up with my Dock upright? Why is this happening?

I put Latte as an autostart application. Consequently, the dock is right there moments after I login.

it’s already on autostart, though. the thing is that black portion in the screenshot is latte dock malfunctioning.

Yesterday, I removed the Autostart from System Settings, and Oh well, today, when I boot up, It’s back to normal. I’ll just check with the next sessions I will do.

Yeah, Removing the Autostart from the system Settings, Fixed it.
I just don’t understand why this happened. Because it is actually on autostart as it is supposed to be.

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