Latte dock does not appear when launched, but process shows in ps

Hi everyone. I’m new to Manjaro, but I do have a bit of experience briefly messing around with other distros in the past. Right now I’m trying to get my Cinnamon desktop looking like I want it to by installing Latte. I would’ve liked to use Plasma as my DE but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do display scaling on a per-screen basis (I have nightmarish mix of one 1080, 1440, and 4k monitor). Anyways, after installing Latte via the software center, I can’t get it to launch. Opening it from the menu does nothing visually, however if I run ps -e I can see the process is in fact running. I’ve verified that all the dependencies are installed via the ‘Dependencies’ tab of the Latte listing in software center. I’m not really sure what the issue is. Google wasn’t a whole ton of help either. If anyone might know a solution please let me know. Thanks.

KDE is for the tinkerers out there and they just lower the resolution instead of fractional scaling as that’s fast and crisp…

Does the Latte on Cinnamon also have this behaviour on a newly created user (E.G. manchu2) If no, I might have a workaround for you (I don’t run neither Latte nor Cinnamon, KDE all the way here)