Latte Dock: Can't no longer select programs that have multiple instances opened

I’m using Latte Dock together with KDE and some update in the last few weeks broke it for me because it does no longer work if multiple instances of one app are open. For example if I’ve opend multiple dolphin windows: Earlier I would click the Icon in the dock and got to chose which window I would like to bring into the foreground. This stopped working - now nothing happens upon clicking. If I’ve only one instance of a program open it still works and brings this program into the foreground. Is this a known problem or does it only affect me?

Unfortunately, Latte Dock is no longer being maintained and is no longer considered compatible with the latest Plasma. :man_shrugging:

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Oh no, that is to sad - I really liked it. Is there any alternative to have such a “quickstart”-bar with my most used programs and easy access to open windows?

You can use a small panel with an icons-only task manager widget for that. It won’t have the zoom effect that you get from a real dock, but it’ll do what you’re asking about. :arrow_down:

Works perfectly fine here, just tested with Dolphin myself. Let me elaborate on the second post in this thread, and that is the Plasma devs are fixing bugs that crop up, as for being compatible with Plasma 5.26 yes it is. AS for which Latte install and use the dev version only.

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