Latin keyboard-layouts should display comma on KP_Decimal

It is time since I have a little issue with the symbol a key displays/prints on Manjaro MATE.
I use eu_ES.UTF-8 locale

I did not try this on other Graphical Environments, nor distros neither OSs

It is about the Delete key on Numpad:

When pressed on Num Lock, it prints a dot (.)
Nevertheless, on Latin based languages we use a comma to separate decimals from entire numbers (ex: 1,5), so it is annoying that this key prints a dot.

Investigating, I managed to use xkeycaps program to modify its value, so it prints comma. (I have a video but I cannot upload it)

However, after restarting the computer, the value is restored to KP_Decimal. Here is the problem.

I think that this is a Xorg’s issue and how it communicates with the Kernel and the locales. I don’t know where should I ask to change KP_Decimal’s value to comma (,) for certain locales.

Can someone help me by telling me where should I report this?

Not in the UK, we use a comma to separate thousands and a period as a decimal point.

I said latin based languages, not keyboards. Anyway, that changes nothing to the problem :sweat_smile:

I was talking about the English language

Probably locale issue. I don’t know other Latin languages, but Polish print: ,

Maybe the locale I use has that dot for Numpad Delete key. Where could I propose to change this?