Latexml not found on texlive-full installation

Today I failed to install the texlive-full package because the latexml package was not found.
Installing the the snap latexml package did not resolve the error. When I tried to install perl-latexml the same error is showing up.

Any help to install a working and extendable pdflatex and latextohtml tool?
Thanks in advance!

What’s the exact message when you install the AUR package?

pamac build perl-latexml
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It appears you may not be up to date, please see Pacman-mirrors - Manjaro. Update your AUR packages after you have confirmed your repo packages are fully up to date.

FYI, TeX Live packages have been reorganized recently detailed in a recent Stable Updates post.

pdflatex is part of texlive-bin:

❯ pacman -F pdflatex
extra/texlive-bin 2023.66984-15

It does not appear perl-latexml has ever been in the repos as it’s been in the AUR (Arch User Repository) since 2015.