Latest upgrade to reboot came at the cost of my sound card

My “Ensoniq 5880B / CCreative Labs CT5880” (as named in my lspci | grep Creative output) may be old, but still has better sound quality than the default audio ports w/the Intel driver. Why it’s not being offered by pulseaudio/alsa all of sudden is inexplicable…

Well it came back after another reboot, but solving issues that way never feels reassuring…

ROFL I find it oddly assuring.
Wife: “Can you fix my computer?”
Me: “I’m busy watching Baywatch ironing, why don’t you try turning it off and then turning it on again?”
Wife: “Brilliant!”.


With a Creative CT5880 you can party like it’s 1999
and it is FSF approved
Ensoniq 5880B / Creative Labs CT5880 (rev 02) -

Many Creative cards have hardware mixing functions in ALSA so you should check what controls are available in alsamixer
and maybe install qasmixer to access the ALSA controls

Like I said, even this sound card is better than the onboard sound offerings (excluding hdmi, seeing as I can’t afford a hdmi-to-audio only device, if such a thing exists…)…The Intel devices are too quiet. I have newer sound cards from other pcs, but either they’re dead, or stop working from overheating too easily/requiring too much power/or something…

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