Latest update made the screen blink/white

Hej !
The first days in januari I got one file update but dont remember which it was.
After that I got problems like the screen blinking from time to time and when scrolling the screen goes white and then I have to scroll again to get it back. But often there is pictures from the site on a layer above the original page. I then upgraded from Linux 5.4.169-1 to 5.10.89-1 to see if it would help. And yes it got much better but the same problem appears now and then but not as often as before.
Can the error be caused by the update I was asked to do the first days in january ?
It is much better but it is still there from time to time.
Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Forget to say Iḿ using Falcon. When using Firefox the problem disappears .

I am seeing the same thing in KMail. There was an update to the KDE Frameworks, so I’m guessing it’s a an upstream bug. :man_shrugging:

Yes, that might be so.
But how can we get the problem solved ?
I am a newbie to Linux so I dont know how to find the update or what it is called :frowning:

We’ll have to wait until upstream ─ i.e. KDE ─ fixes the problem. There’s no other solution. :man_shrugging: