Latest update has broken scanning with sane via hpaio

Looks like the latest update (March 14) has completely broken scanning via hpaio (hplip) here.

The command scanimage -L finds the scanner, but then scanning results in an I/O error. Other laptops on the network using ubuntu can scan.

Do others reproduce this issue? Any clue about it?

In any case, downgrading to hplip-1:3.21.12-1 fixes the issue.

Found the actual issue: some scanners require a plugin and hplib 3.22 wants a new version of the plugin. However, finding a misaligned version, rather than reporting “plugin misaligned” it says “I/O error” which is quite misleading.

IMHO the hplip package on major version upgrades should remove the older plugins, so that you can get a prompt to install a plugin or a sensible error.

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