Latest kernel 6.8 failed unexpectedly while unsupported kernel 6.7 works

Issue chronology:

  • Being on latest 6.8 kernel, watching online movie got frozen/unresponsive image with recurring sound and blinking caps-lock powered off/powered on → got ACPI error with unbootable state (details is on the screenshot)
  • power off/power on → switched to 6.7 kernel → system loaded normally

In view of the above, kernel 6.7 marked as unsupported (yet works) and 6.8 unexpectedly fails.

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It’s recommended to use an LTS kernel like 6.6 or 6.1. Have you tried either of those?

Note that I’ve removed your uploaded images as they do not help anyone help you. Images also make the forum backup larger and cannot be indexed by search engines. Please post logs instead.

Please see:

Usually the sign of kernel panic.

Do I recall correct - you are using linux67 out of necessity - your current hardware has had several issues over time?

Is the LTS 6.6 out of question?

I usually run/test through all kernels sequentially, so decided to point out an issue appeared in specific situation.

Recalling past days, I got caps-lock blinking on both 6.7 and 6.8.

I also noticed some similar on my Intel hardware recently. Might do some tests on my end while using 6.6 LTS series.

The same as well, kernel 6.8.4/6.8.5 both had kernel panic and high CPU temps while idle.
I had switched to 6.6 LTS

In scope of general observations: I’ve just got kernel panic (blinking caps-lock) on 6.6.26 LTS when unplugging cabled USB-mouse on resume event.
Update: one day after the above, it happened again but on screen-locking event (not on resume from suspend).
I’d say on kernel series 6.x I had the most kernel panics (with blinking caps-lock) compared to previous kernels.