Lastest KDE install media has a bug on manjaro-chroot

The numbering on selecting the detected system is bogus. The id are counted from 0 but the systems are numbered starting with 1.

It has been a known issue for a while, but I don’t think the tool is actually maintained anymore.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

I thought it was the other way around - isnt mhwd-chroot the old one that hasnt changed since 2016 ?
(ah yes … I cant even find it now … not installed and not part of any package I can find)

manjaro-chroot on the other hand is part of manjaro-tools-base and should be maintained … though, correct, this bug has been around for a while.

I will take a look now :wink:

EDIT - looks like no movement here since 2 years:

Alright. Hunted it down to this actually


I fixed it. See here:

@Strit @oberon


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