ZSH or BASH by default in Manjaro?

Hi! Which terminal interpreter does Manjaro use by default, bash or zsh? I have installed the latest Manjaro stable iso and the terminal uses zsh
Thanks for Manjaro!

Sorry for my english google-translator :sweat_smile:

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You just answered your own question. :wink:


Gnome edition uses ZSH and Plasma and XFCE still bash.


Will we see zsh by default in kde?

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Considering zsh still isnt a perfect drop-in replacement for bash …
[before anyone says otherwise … no it isnt … things like brace expansions can have unexpected results … so for example, you might not know how a bash script is going to work]
The justification for using zsh by default in any official edition was ‘its easy to replace’
So with that in mind … why not simply replace bash with zsh?

Heck … who knows … maybe thats the reason manjaro-chroot glaring bug wasnt fixed for years. Because it ‘worked’ for zsh users, and zsh users only? :thinking:

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Either that or because the main developer of manjaro-chroot split off and founded Artix?

Oh is that it? I only saw oberon as the maintainer … didnt look too much further :wink:

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