Last Budgie iso is too buggy


I’m not expecting an answer as I already switched to XFCE… due to too many bugs with the Budgie image (the last one 23.0.1-230921).

Here is the two main issues I had:

  • a dark theme is not applied everywhere (in Nautilus for instance, maybe due to GTK4) or randomly in Software Center…
  • no way to play a video (from my Android phone) with Totem (with all necessary codecs installed)… More, VLC force close at start but it seems due to a libva missing dependency

Waiting for budgie v11, I switched to an XFCE de (no issue yet ;-))

With a free meal you get what you are offered - if you don’t like it - don’t eat it - but you have not right to complain.

I’m reporting issue to help, not complaining :innocent:

You know it is a community edition, so a lot of support is not to be expected.

Aside from Manjaro,
There has been bumpiness in budgie due to a number of factors of budgie development.
(see - recent manual intervention required for changing mutter deps)
I think these days its continued, outside of Solus, at

Its been in a sorta weird state for ~2 years.

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