Laptop with Nvidia dedicated GPU and Intel Integrated GPU

I have Laptop (MSI GF63) with Intel integrated GPU and Nvidia 1650 Dedicated GPU.
I have installed Prime drives with Hardware configuration in settings.

But i have no option to switch from dedicated to integrated or hybrid graphic in KDE plasma taskbar/panel.

Does anyone know how i can add such option ?

This option is not actually a part of KDE, it is a custom script added by certain distros (e.g. Ubuntu). You can run any program that needs a dGPU (e.g. games) using prime-run %command%.

I think you did not understand my question.
I need something which can switch the gpu
In kubuntu i had a taskbar icon which allows me to switch to dedicated, integrated or hybrid gpu. So if i dont need dedicated gpu that will completely shutdown and save my battery life/backup.

This is a common misconception, I actually misunderstood this when I first started. When you set your dGPU to be completely disabled, it does not save you any power consumption over just not using it to run programs. The reason is because it is plugged directly into your motherboard, your OS cannot deny it from consuming the base amount of power.

Your BIOS/UEFI may have an option to completely disable the dGPU, this would potentially be what you are looking for.

I think you have no idea what you are talking about and yes you save battery if you disable gpu.

I have used kubuntu for past 1 year and just switch to manjaro, I had that option in kubuntu by default. I dont have such option in bios.

You can ref. these projects:

already tried but optimus-manager-qt is not working

Elaborate, we have no crystal balls to see. FYI, due to differences in each laptop, you may need to tinker with its settings to find the perfect one for your laptop. I’ve found mine for sure, as it’s working for me.