Laptop with Intel/Nvidia graphics can't install non-free Nvidia driver

I have a laptop with Intel/Nvidia graphics. The Intel is built in the processor, the Nvidia is a discrete GTX1650 4GB card.
I tried to install the non-free driver for the Nvidia card, but I can’t see any option to do it in the Manjaro Setting Manager application. When I open the Hardware Configuration I can see below the Display Controller:

  • TU117M (nVidia) and checked the open source and the installed
  • UHD Graphics (Intel Corporation) and checked the open source and the installed

inxi -G says:
Device-1: Intel UHD Graphics driver: i915 v: kernel
Device-2: NVIDIA TU117M driver: N/A
Display: x11 server: X. Org 1.20.10 driver: loaded: modesetting
resolution: 1920x1200~60Hz
OpenGL: renderer: Mesa Intel UHD Graphics (CML GT2) v: 4.6 Mesa 20.3.3

What should I do to achieve the Nvidia non-free driver will be installed and the system use that to drive the whole graphics system on the laptop and in the X.

Please reinstall the mhwd-db package: sudo pacman -S mhwd-db, then run sudo mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300.

It is done. What is next?

Then the NVIDIA driver is installed.

Thanks for your help.
System Information says: Intel Corporation UHD Graphics. But Manjaro Settings Manager shows some non free installation. I am little bit confused.
So, now if i would play with an Steam game that will use the Nvidia card?

You can probably run prime-run steam and it could work. Or you could modify the launch options on a per-game basis in Steam to be prime-run ....

Thank you for the information.

You can also use lutris to launch steam games and just select prime render offload in lutris settings. That will force all steam games to run on nvidia card. You can also select other options like feral gamemode with lutris as well. If you are a gamer then definitely look at lutris it will make your life easier

Thank you.

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