Laptop unstable on battery

I’m looking for some assistance to a very bizarre issue with Manjaro kde plasma. Mostly, if there is something I can look at after my system randomly stops responding. After a hard shutdown, are there tools I can run to look at time stamps (sort of like the windows event viewer)?

This odd behavior I’m having is basically, plasma just suddenly closes, no menus, windows wont respond and or freeze. I’m not able to invoke any new programs, minimizing a window seems to minimize the frame of that window but nothing else and suddenly everything goes black.

Here’s the catch, this occurs while my laptop is on battery. It has occurred a couple of times on a/c but, it seems to recur every hour on battery.

This is a fairly new install. I’m sifting through some posts for similar behavior but mostly curious if there are power settings causing a problem, perhaps cpu throttling or something being an issue? I’m not certain where to begin piecing some info together.

Dell xps15 9550, 64gb ram and I think my hard drive is of questionable quality, rocketq or something. I am not 100% sold this hdd is compatible with my system. Seems I have had trouble with it, only windows and manjaro, mint is pretty solid. I have two partitions, windows, manjaro, mint. I’m posting this currently from mint, so I’m not able to collect system info, just yet.