Laptop not Boot Mce Error Hardware error

I have a laptop serving as a small server. One day, it froze, and after a few days, it stopped booting. I received errors that seem to be related to the hard drive or RAM. Additionally, the USB ports are not functioning well. I would appreciate any help on how to troubleshoot and potentially recover the information. I will provide as much context as possible in my comments. Thank you!"

0.9263001 mce: [Hardware Error]: CPU 6: Machine Check: 0 Bank 6: ae00000000


[ 0.926310] mce: [Hardware Error]: TSC O ADDR fef87300 MISC b8a0000086

0.926316] nce: [Hardware Error]: PROCESSOR 0:40651 TIME 1720375892 SOCKET O

APIC O microcode 26

I run Majaro on Lenovo yoga 3 I5 4th

I can’t say much based on what you’ve told us but it appears to be a hardware problem which your logs confirm.

You can always boot up a live flash drive and transfer the data to another medium.

And please, please, please, avoid posting screenshots and post the output instead. It makes for unnecessary forum overhead and is harder to read than preformatted text.

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you said usb-ports are also dead, nevertheless try to boot a live-iso first and check if the live-system is healthy.
second, how old is the thermal paste and the computer ? i killed my beloved sony-vaio once because the thermal-paste was dried out and the ram-controller died on overheating.

Thank you for your advice. Unfortunately, I’m unable to access the terminal to check the logs as the laptop freezes shortly after displaying the errors

It’s definitely a hardware problem. Can you boot with a live OS? If not, you’re looking at a separate computer to connect the original drive to.

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Tank u Olli
As far as I can remember, I don’t think the thermal paste has been changed in quite a while. I tried the live system a few days ago, and it seems to be working fine. However, the USB ports sometimes work and sometimes don’t, which is a headache. I’ll continue trying carefully. I’m new to forums, so it would help me to know what the best practices are. Thank you for your attention, I’ll be watching closely.

It will probably be better to take out the drive, buy some sata(or whatever)-to-usb enclosure and have it as a backup for your new pc that way. Keep in mind, if that old machine is broken and unstable, it can boot, and start transferring data, and then crash which can damage the data mid transfer.


If you want to give the computer another chance:

  • Clean the fan and interior
  • Replace the heat sink and replace the thermal paste
  • Unplug and replug all pluggable modules (RAM…)
  • Clean the keyboard and touchpad at the same time
  • While you’re at it, replace the HDD with a cheap SSD (or add to it)
  • Then backup, reinstall (fs with checksums only) and restore

That’s a lot of work even for a desktop, and is only worth it for a laptop if you expect it to last significantly longer.

Or replace it :cry: