Laptop mode tools weird behaviour

DE - i3wm
Kernel - 5.4.85-1-MANJARO

Laptop mode tools version - 1.72.2-1
Installed from Pacman

I am noticing some weird behaviour since I started using Laptop mode tools. The weird behaviour I noticed is -

  • My screen switches off after a particular duration if there is no activity
  • My laptop shuts off at more than 10% charge left.

How do I fix these?
Both the issues sound like they should be able to be fixed by editing config files, but I am unable to find the correct option. I uploaded my modified laptop mode tools config file to a GitHub repository to make it easy to peruse - GitHub - reikdas/laptop-mode


P.S.: Why do I not use tlp? Because I use pm-utils for suspending my laptop. Why do I use pm-utils for suspending my laptop instead of systemd-suspend? Because this - Touchpad sometimes disabled on suspend - Hardware - Manjaro Linux Forum

Thanks! I updated the top post with the link :smiley: