Laptop is non responsive after turning into suspend mode

since recent few updates in both modes X11 and wayland when I set laptop to suspend mode sometimes laptop doesn’t wake up and almost always when I leave laptop to let it turn into sleep mode by itself after trying to wake up it doesn’t do it and I need to keep pushed power button on laptop longer period like few to several seconds until laptop will turn into responsible and will power itself on, laptop is Acer brand model from around '17 and other than often mentioned e.g. Lenovo

is this some recent kernels 6.xx issue? I never before experienced this and initially would sense only Wayland giving such effect but it happens also in X11

in other such topics usually is tip to downgrade to kernel 5.xx so I eventually will try this

non responsible

Did you mean unresponsive? :wink:

If English is not your native language, I invite you to post in #languages section instead.

To be blunt: your post is a nonsensical, rambling run-on sentence with no punctuation. Please try again if you would like our helpful volunteers to help you.

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I am not novice and know English but this somehow typo as mistaken words appeared unintentionally and somehow onto something either way…in some way my laptop takes no responsibility as well as me if something doesn’t work and is not modified by me as for e.g. operating system and software

cheers :slight_smile:

Obviously we are not as smart as you are.

We need clear concise sentences - split by proper punctuation and possibly paragraphs.

One long sentence is subject to interpretation and possibly misunderstandings.

Do not expect other to be able to deduct what you mean from the mish-mash of words you present.

Non responsible != unresponsive

hey, I am not any logistics semantics&digits laboratory, okey?

case example is: is linux recent kernels 6.xx doing odd things in suspend mode after trying to wake up some various models and brands of laptops ? and then are kernels 5.xx suggested to use instead until this potential issue will be fixed in kernels 6.xx ?

now is okey?

maybe here Linux-6.2 power management pull requests (as accumulated fixes in the making) under some sublinks in this article is this issue provided, it seems like more common issue, possibly lots of laptops issued from various brands

in the meanwhile kernel 5.15.xx and issue with “suspend mode into wake up needs hard reboot” is gone