Laptop failing to boot

“After starting my computer and going through the boot screen like normal with all the [ OK ] stuff. It just refuses to proceed to the login screen and just shows me this lonely cursor up on the screen in the top left instead.”
That was a reddit post I posted this morning, but now it’s afternoon, and I got some more information. www.reddit. com/r/ManjaroLinux/comments/13pyeaz/laptop_stuck_after_boot_screen

So as explained in the reddit post I’m fairly new to the Manjaro community, I’ve been running Manjaro on and off through a VM for 2 months but installed GNOME on my laptop last week.

I’m having this problem where it just refuses to boot. Today in the morning when I tried to startup my laptop, it went through all the [ OK ] stuff (yes very scientific name) like normal and then it just showed me a blank screen with a cursor in the top left (see reddit post). But now it won’t even go through to the boot stuff, instead it just prints [ 1351.556409] nvme nvme0: failed to set APST feature (2) right when I hit the power button.

It should be mentioned that I don’t think I have ever gotten a GRUB menu screen when starting my computer. It has always been that it put me right through to Manjaro, which people told be was unusual when I mentioned that in the post. I have modified /etc/default/grub once to make GNOME not show a boot splash when starting up because it felt cool to see things happening lol.

I don’t know what to do, the best thing I’ve got is to reinstall Manjaro. But even that I don’t know how to do because I can’t access my files to backup my home dir. Any ideas?

set GRUB kernel parameter


and see if it helps.

Of course you can make a live USB disk and boot from it to access your files and backup them, and use same USB disk to reinstall.