Laptop CPU fan goes to 100% and remains there until shutdown

I am getting this annoyance from time to time, on my current machine, a Thinkpad X1 gen4, running a fully updated Manjaro. I had the same problem on my previous machine, a Thinkpad T440, and also having it on my second laptop an old HP ProBook 4520s:
every once in a while, the CPU fan spins up to 100% and remains pegged there, regardless of the load. Htop tells max 4% load, but the fan noise is still there, even after hours of not using the laptop. Not even a restart solves the problem. Only shutdown and start-up again.
It does not appear to be linked to any update, btw.
I would like to avoid having to shutdown the laptop just to get rid of the fan noise. Are there other things that I could do to somehow “reset” the fan speed from the command line? Any pointers to what I should investigate or configure or install are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

provide system info:
inxi -Faz

Hi @dorin00, and welcome!

Try tlp, available from the community repository:

$ pamac search tlp
tlp                                                                                                                                                                                                            [Installed] 1.5.0-5                community
Linux Advanced Power Management

And it has a UI, also in the community repository, that will install it:

$ pamac search tlp
tlpui                                                                                                                                                                                                          [Installed]              community
A GTK user interface for TLP written in Python

So, it can b e installed with:

pamac install tlpui

That can possibly help, and I hope it does!

You can find another program to control your fan. I use nbfc, for example. Here, you can find some other options.

Maybe limit your CPU performance peak on AC and DC ??

Using tlpui → Processor → CPU_Perf , i use 80% with boost.