Laptop ASUS ZenBook 14 UM431DA overheats

Laptop ASUS ZenBook 14 UM431DA overheats…

Hello, linuxoids or owners of this laptop.

At some point I started noticing that this laptop was overheating for random reasons. Started looking into it.

Here is the output of the screenfetch command

 ██████████████████  ████████     alimektor@aspiration
 ██████████████████  ████████     OS: Manjaro 21.0 Ornara
 ██████████████████  ████████     Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.9.16-1-MANJARO
 ██████████████████  ████████     Uptime: 26m
 ████████            ████████     Packages: 1666
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Shell: bash
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Resolution: 1920x1080
 ████████  ████████  ████████     DE: KDE 5.80.0 / Plasma 5.21.3
 ████████  ████████  ████████     WM: KWin
 ████████  ████████  ████████     GTK Theme: Breeze [GTK2/3]
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Icon Theme: candy-icons
 ████████  ████████  ████████     Disk: 50G / 178G (30%)
 ████████  ████████  ████████     CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx @ 8x 2.1GHz
 ████████  ████████  ████████     GPU: AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 8 Graphics (RAVEN, DRM 3.39.0, 5.9.16-1-MANJARO, LLVM 11.1.0)
                                  RAM: 3580MiB / 5941MiB

The output of the sensors command:

Adapter: Virtual device
temp1:        +33.0°C  

Adapter: ACPI interface
in0:           7.85 V  
curr1:         1.48 A  

Adapter: PCI adapter
Vcore:       950.00 mV 
Vsoc:          1.09 V  
Tctl:         +47.4°C  
Tdie:         +47.4°C  
Icore:        19.00 A  
Isoc:          7.25 A  

Adapter: ACPI interface
temp1:        +44.0°C  

Adapter: PCI adapter
vddgfx:           N/A  
vddnb:            N/A  
edge:         +47.0°C  

Adapter: ISA adapter
cpu_fan:        0 RPM

Adapter: PCI adapter
Composite:    +35.9°C  (low  =  -0.1°C, high = +80.8°C)
                       (crit = +81.8°C)
Sensor 1:     +35.9°C  (low  = -273.1°C, high = +65261.8°C)
Sensor 2:     +37.9°C  (low  = -273.1°C, high = +65261.8°C)

I noticed that the sensor on the processor shows that it is not spinning. no overheating in Windows. What could this be related to?

Adapter: ISA adapter
cpu_fan:        0 RPM

This is very model dependent, not all ASUS laptops expose fan control, hence it will only show 0 RPM regardless the fan is running or not. This is also what happens to my ROG GL503VD, but when the CPU/GPU is hot, the fan runs as needed. So the fan control is simply automatic in my case.

I don’t see any overheating issues from your sensors output, there’s not even a single temp that surpassed 50°C, which is my idle CPU temp (ambient temp is hot here). How can you say you’re experiencing an overheating?

This is x86 device while you have tagged arm.

Moving it to x86 section

When I touch it, it literally burns. I could have burned my hand on the laptop’s bottom side. I put a psensor to track parameters, but I don’t know yet which parameter to track in order to figure out what the problem is.

By the way, it heats up even in sleep mode.

Thank you in advance!

I’m having similar issues, with my Asus ZenBook 14 UM425. I suspect it has something to do with power management, since I can’t seem to enable a power saving mode on the laptop.