LAN does not connect automatically after login (KDE)

Hi all,

yesterday i moved on my Manjaro installation (KDE) from WiFi to LAN networking.
Shutting down the device and started it again this morning, the LAN connection was not established automatically, i had to click on “connect” in Network Manager.

The previous WiFi connection was established automatically

Any ideas how to fix that? I also changed the connection from “every user” to my user only, but it didn’t fix it.


Change the connection priority for one or the other, in the General Configuration tab of Network Manager.

That’s what i did already. I also disabled/removed the WiFi connection. LAN is still not connected after restart.

So this doesn’t work?


Nope, it does not.

It’s the only connection i have registered on the system.
But after my wifes device moved to LAN she reports the same issue, but she’s using Ubuntu (with KDE).

Seem to be a different thing, not necessarily Manjaro related. Will investigate deeper.

Your router settings might be the culprit then. Look them up.

What exactly shall i look for?

Other devices are getting a network connection automatically on reboot.

Make a choice, which is it then?

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