Kwin crashing when using resolution scaling

I have a high resolution monitor (4K) and I am used to work with the default resolution with a 125% of global scale factor.

I also use KDE Plasma’s compositor (kwin_x11) to do some graphical effects, nothing too fancy.

The fact is: the compositor crashes constantly when the computer locks the screen due to inactivity, I am sick and tired of going to the tty2 terminal to replace the compositor:

DISPLAY=:0 kwin_x11 --replace

I have tried myself to solve the problem by doing:

  • Removing the majority of graphical effects of the compositor
  • Installing the 5.4 Kernel and the 5.10
  • Removing Manjaro 20.2.1 and installing Manjaro 21.0

But the problem couldn’t be solved. When the compositor crashes the windows become very strange and the screen seems to be zoomed only to a part of what the entire screen should be.

The next time the issue appear I will try to take a photo or a screenshot of it. Can someone tells me if there is anything to overcome this issue which does not involve restarting the compositor?