'kwin_core: XCB error' - reproducible

1st method…

  1. open KSystemlog (GUI)
  2. place cursor on window titlebar
  3. move cursor down to hover over any entry in the log and remain there until the info pop-up/tooltip appears
  4. move cursor back up to the titlebar and wait a second

error appears in log:

kwin_x11 kwin_core: XCB error: 152 (BadDamage), sequence: 11533, resource id: 14960736, major code: 143 (DAMAGE), minor code: 2 (Destroy)

2nd method…

  1. right-click any log entry and click ‘copy’ in the context menu

3 errors appears in the log:

|8/14/21 4:37 PM|kwin_x11|kwin_core: XCB error: 152 (BadDamage), sequence: 31613, resource id: 14962150, major code: 143 (DAMAGE), minor code: 2 (Destroy)|
|8/14/21 4:37 PM|kwin_x11|kwin_core: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 31615, resource id: 77595348, major code: 129 (SHAPE), minor code: 6 (Input)|
|8/14/21 4:37 PM|kwin_x11|qt.qpa.xcb: QXcbConnection: XCB error: 3 (BadWindow), sequence: 31616, resource id: 77595348, major code: 2 (ChangeWindowAttributes), minor code: 0|

there are other ways to produce such errors as well

Many programs in KDE produce similar logs. You shouldn’t worry about it if program not crash, these logs are useful only for programmers.

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Yep, they’re harmless and basically unimportant. I get them too. Your best course of action is probably to pretend you don’t see them :grin:.

If they really, really bother you, you can turn off QT logging, but be aware that this could also suppress more serious errors if any should arise.

Add these lines to the bottom of your ~/.bash_profile :

# suppress QT logging

Again, keep in mind that this could suppress more serious messages.

If I recall correctly, there is a way to get more specific in what level of QT messages are suppressed, but I can’t think of it right now.

thanks guys - i don’t usually worry about this kind of stuff, but i ran across it while working on another problem

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