Kwin-bismuth on official repos (Tiling kwin on Plasma)

lot of users wants to manage a tiling KDE plasma.
Looking around the kwin scripts, nothing works well.
There is a package on chaotic-aur repos, called kwin-bismuth , and it’s sortalike kwin tilin plugin, with a decent range of options.
I’d like to see it in official repos

I am not sure, if it is official for KDE Plasma, but there are some bugs of bismuth in Github.

It is fine in AUR, because it is maintained by bismuth developers.
If you need the binary package, there is kwin-bismuth-bin

my idea is to add it in community, so also newbies users can install it very easily.
Tiling is a feature wanted by many users, so I think the availability of this package in Manjaro’s repo it’s an useful feature

Not ‘noob’ friendly enough?
I’m confused.
It certainly isn’t a ‘core’ package… neither was it’s predecessor ‘krohnkite’.

Native KWin tiling is to use your Meta key to tile a window left/right/up/down or combinations to go for a quarter like this:

It’s not managed by KDE and they already have a lot to manage (Latte being a recent story - a complicated project which might have trouble surviving, let alone developed further).