KWallet working with Magit in Doom Emacs

Good Evening.

Recently made the switch to Manjaro from Linux Mint. Part of my workflow is I do a lot in Doom Emacs. I rely a lot on Magit to pull and upload notes. Problem is I have to enter in the Passphrase for my ssh keys every time. Wasn’t a problem when I was using Cinnamon but I think it is more the gnome-keyring handling things.

I’ve followed the notes Here and Here but have gotten nowhere.

Was wondering if anyone else may have seen this issue. I’m sure I’m missing a config somewhere.

Do you use an ssh assistant ?

No idea what that is. Any suggestions?

Do you have google ?

Do bears poop in woods?

Got ya, I’ll look to see what works.

thought I would add an update.

Its a little deeper than just Doom Emacs. Git does the same thing. I’m going to go back though how to have git use kwallet with ssh keys.

Ok, got things working. There is a little more to it but the guide posted in the Manjaro forum above had the solution farther down in the comments. Here is the trick

First, I am assuming that the guide here was followed and you ended up with a key named id_ed25519

in the guide above

Follow Step 1

At Step 2, in the file you create, add the following text:


export SSH_ASKPASS=/usr/bin/ksshaskpass
export SSH_AUTH_SOCK="$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR"/ssh-agent.socket

Skip Step 3 and continue up to Step 7. At Step 7, the ssh-add.desktop file should look like

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=ssh-add -q /home/<username>/.ssh/id_ed25519

That seems to have done it. Not only can I run git from the command line, I can also do it in Doom Emacs without getting asked to enter my passphrase.

Hopefully this helps others. Take care and no, you can’t just google this. Sometimes you got to take time and read it, something I unfortunately lack during the week.

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