KVM/QEMU Not allowing me to use External 2TB HDD as a place to store VM's on

Im trying to install a VM to my 2TB HDD that I want to be primarily for VMs while I have manjaro on my 1 TB ssd, I have the qcow2 file on it its just keeps saying: "Unable to complete install: ‘Cannot access storage file ‘/run/media/milkjug/Data/VM/win10.qcow2’ (as uid:65534, gid:992): Permission denied’
Is there any way to fix this?

Not a direct reply to your question, but the post below contains information on how to statically mount external drives. :arrow_down:

/run is for dynamically/automatically mounted stuff, and its permissions are applied on-the-fly by the system at mount time. That is neither reliable nor optimal, as you’ve discovered. :wink:

Thanks for this, im going to try this out and see if it works!

I think it worked, tho it is still saying when I try to make a vm in the folder I made in /home/ saying my sdd’s total storage but not saying 2TB

But rn I have some issues with kvm/qemu when I try to install windows where it boots up to the windows loading screen but doesn’t get to the installer and then it crashes.