KVM libvirt virt-manager virtual machine crashes reliably during OS install

Error shutting down domain: Failed to terminate process with SIGKILL: Device or resource busy

This is the message i get when trying to shut down the virtual machine that just stopped responding during install of latest ubuntu lts.

How can it evade sigkill? I was told it’s not possible. But here we are.

This is easily repeatable. I only made this post after the second time it happened.

So #1 why is this thing that should not happen happening?
#2 is there any special log file that could tell how this situation ignoring sigkill was able to happen?

That may be the last thing you see - what came before?

Where does this message come from?
From the VM in the process of shutting down?
From the host machine log?

We can’t see what you see.

Did you check the integrity of the iso you are trying to use to install from?

well like i said it happens when trying to shut down the virtual machine, selecting “force off” from the GUI.

But i will look into taking this upstream since manjaro is probably not the culprit of such a bug that makes the kernel unable to kill a process.

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