KVIrc needs update to fix crash on Plasma Wayland

My IRC client is KVIrc, I install it from the system packages (5.0.0 Aria). On the X11 session of KDE it runs without issue, however KVIrc will immediately crash on startup when ran on the Plasma Wayland version. I reported the issue on the project’s Github page a while ago:

Today I set up a Manjaro VM to check on a clean install and tested further: When compiled from the Git version KVIrc no longer seems to crash on Wayland either. I assume the issue has been fixed after the version currently included in our package repository.

Who manages the KVIrc package in Manjaro? Could you consider patching it up to fix this crash please? I don’t wish to change IRC clients, and at the moment this is the only clear reason why I’m still using X11 session. Testing should be easy, issue can be reproduced both on normal install and VM with fresh config, if it starts up successfully in both Plasma X11 and Wayland it works. Thank you.

We use the package made upstream by Arch: kvirc

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Use kvirc-git in the AUR (Arch User Repository) for now.

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