Kvantum not working

Since installing timeshift, Kvantum hasn’t worked. No matter what theme I choose, I’m stuck on the default Matchama.

I’m not sure if installing timeshift was the cause, I saw that it removed some packages when I installed it and I may have also upgraded all of my packages. I’ve tried switching to testing branch, but it didn’t solve the problem so I switched back to stable and downgraded all of my packages. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  • Sebjaro

I think, I had a similar problem these days and found a solution here:

just paste into /etc/environment

export QT_STYLE_OVERRIDE=kvantum
export DESKTOP_SESSION=gnome

log out and back in again. Maybe this helps you too.

Thanks for the quick response! Sadly, this didn’t work :frowning:

I also already had



in that file, so I don’t know what’s going on here…