Ksysguard or stacer?

I recently switched to Linux and using Manjaro (Kde).
I was looking for a good system manager.
I have htop but as I’m very new to Linux so I want a more graphical manager.

ksysgurad is installed and integrated within the kde environment and opens up with a shortcut key but stacer seems to have more features and better user reviews.

So I just want a suggestion for which of them to use.
Thank you.

stacer-bin is available from the AUR if you don’t want to build it from source code, but it’s an Ubuntu package, and therefore it will probably be optimized for integration with the GNOME environment.

The package description also says it’s a “system optimizer, whereas ksysguard is a system monitor. In other words, they serve a different purpose.

Why don’t you install stacer-bin ─ or stacer if you want to compile it locally ─ and see what you like best? It’s your computer, after all.


I’m not using gnome (using kde) so I was a bit sceptical that it will break something or not work properly.
Also want to know if there is any need for stacer and whether it actually benifits while having Ksysgurad.
I just want to know opinions from othervs experiences as it would take a long time to see if it really “optimizes” the system or just for show.
I’m also not an experienced user so was seeking view of others.


Ksysguard is a system monitor and it is very good, but so is htop. first read up on what each does. Manjaro run optimally as is. so just take your time and see if anyone else has more information.

Well, no, the primary aspect of the fact that it was developed for GNOME is that it’s a GTK-based application, whereas KDE Plasma is a Qt-based environment, and the look & feel may therefore differ between them, although the Breeze and Breath/Breath2 themes are supposed to minimize the difference.

Anyway, there’s no rule that you cannot have both installed at the same time, just as you can have multiple web browsers installed side by side, and multiple office suites. :wink:

Check them out and see what you like. Again, it’s your computer; you’re in charge. :wink:

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I have read some other posts in which people said that the optimization is really not needed for Linux and it just hogs system memory and suggested to stick with default system manager or htop.
But thanks for your suggestions.

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