Ksysguard analogues (solved)

I updated few days ago to plasma 6 and I got some unpleasant surprises: like no konsole (super weird decision) and the sound on vol up/down (if anybody wonders, it’s a tick in Sysyem Settings → Sounds → Configure volume).

My main drama is with ksysguard - I understood from the forum it’s removed and no longer supported (and the aur package doesn’t install for me) .

So my question is - does anyone have a suggestion for similar app? I know we have System Monitoring, but that’s big, clumsy, slow and after some time on, it starts using like 1-3% CPU. So any light-weight, fast analogue? I just want to see the processes and the cpu/ram/swap load. Nothing fancy, just something that can stay on forever and allow me to quickly kill misbehaving apps (like ollama that likes to go rogue). I’m not whining about changes, I’m just checking my options (though I’m whining for the ToDo List witdget, that was super useful and it’s no more). In case anyone found a better solution (than “top” that is).

Definitely still there. I’d have been very pissed off if it was gone.

There are two AUR options, ksysguard-git and ksysguard6-git. The latter installed and works fine for me.

Depending how much info you want, htop might be a good alternative. Easy enough to create a menu entry which runs it in a terminal, then add its launcher to a panel if you want to.


Oh, thank you thank you thank you. I see I did >yay install ksysguard so I guess this referred to the ksysguard-git and this is why I got errors. The ksysguard6-git installed fine and it’s running :slight_smile: I’m so happy. Thanks a lot.

As for the konsole, I know it’s weird, but it was just missing (like from the Start and Alt+F2). I had to reinstall it as crazy as it sounds (on the other hand I had the terminal on Dolphin so who knows what had messed up)

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