Ksgrd_network_helper cpu usage issue

ksgrd_network_helper may occasionally cause high cpu usage or at least take some cpu time, most likely caused by qbittorrent and the like (it only appears to really use cpu when such applications are running), so this may be a performance issue with ksgrd_network_helper.

Either way, i would like to disable this process because even if i suspend it, it keeps coming back. some suggested that it was used by the “download” and “upload” columns on ksysguard, and hiding them would solve this but it didn’t for me.

i know that the system monitor app is going to replace ksysguard as the default kde process monitor eventually (and by the looks of it i rather keep using ksysguard personally).

This is indeed normal. ksgrd_network_helper has to do more work when you increase the network traffic.

I don’t think System Monitor is going to replace KSysGuard, considering that it depends upon it.

not replace it but be the default app monitor, i’ve read that somewhere, perhaps i’m wrong about that.

Sure, but even if i wanted this process running for its features, it may use a lot of cpu time, like 15~20% of cpu time, i personally have no use for it.

It’ll only do that when you’re actively looking at it, because then it needs to update both the screen and the process list all the time as well. If you have it running in the background but you’re working at ─ for instance ─ a different virtual desktop, then the load caused by the applet itself will be far less.

if that is the case then its “fine” (though its a lot of cpu time for what it does), i’ll make some logs of it in the next few days without using ksysguard to check its cpu usage.

thanks for you time :slight_smile:

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