Kscreenlocker showing "Unlocking failed"

When i boot my computer, i can login by entering my password and everything works fine.
But if I lock my computer with Meta+L and then try to unlock it with the password, it shows “Unlock failed”.

Hi @Griso, and welcome!

Let me guess, it doesn’t happen every time nor if only for short times? If so, I had the same issue, one that I still do not have a reason for. I fixed it by reinstalling Manjaro and doing more, better maintenance and haven’t had the problem in 2+ years.

I’ll give you the advice that was given to me:

Check that there are no un-merged .pacnew files on your PC somewhere from the CLI:

First, make sure meld and pacdiff is installed. In the CLI, run:

pamac install meld pacdiff

…and install it if not installed. Afterwards, run the following to check for and merge any .pacdiff files:

sudo DIFFPROG=meld pacdiff

I don’t know if it’ll help, but I hope it does!

P.S.: If you didn’t know, you should do that after every update. See here for more:


I’ve also made, or am still making, or maintaining, or whatever you want to call it, a script to help perform updates. It’s called mumuh:

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Thank you, it worked!

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