Kscreen size its not working

I recently format Manjaro and this command its now giving some error:

output.HDMI-1.scale.2                                                         3 ✘ 

kscreen.doctor: setop exec returned KScreen::Config( 
KScreen::Output(71, "HDMI-1", connected enabled priority 1, pos: QPoint(0,0), res: QSize(1920, 1080), modeId: "74", scale: 2, clone: no, rotation: KScreen::Output::None, followPreferredMode: false) )

Normally i use “kscreen-doctor --outputs” get the output and use the command to fit my screen size and distance “kscreen-doctor output.HDMI-1.size.1.3”

The strange thing that i noticed its the output before was “HDMI-A-1” and now that i format became “HDMI-1” or “76 HDMI-1”.

And yes i using normally yersterday with all this working, i format to test fedora an internet problem that i having (and appears to be a linux internet problem.

And its dosent working here too. Nothing changes: