Krusader viewer no longer displays PDF files after Plasma 6 update

After updating to Plasma 6, I can no longer view PDF files with the krusader internal viewer (F3). It just displays the raw content of the file, starting with “%PDF-1.5” or similar. Double-clicking the file opens it in okular, where it renders perfectly.

Images (GIF, PNG, JPG) display perfectly with the internal viewer.

kio5 and kio5-extras are installed.

This is a functionality that I really used a lot and is a serious regression for me. Any fixes or suggestions?

I’m guessing:

sudo pacman -S kio kio-extras

might do it.

They are also already installed (forgot to mention that). I just mentioned the “5” versions because I don’t think krusader is ported to Plasma 6 yet (depends on kio5 as well as a whole bunch of other plasma 5 packages).

Then I dare say you’re out of luck until it is updated. Both kio5 and kio5extras have been replaced by kio and kio-extras (the Plasma 6 compatible versions), If Krusader depends upon the former, then you have little choice than to remove it and use another reader.

For the time being you could use Firefox which now (within the last few weeks) supports reading PDF files. This may not fit your work flow, however, it’s better than nothing until Krusader is updated.


Edit:- Krusader 2.8.1-1 has been released only today:

First, check that it’s not already your current version:

pacman -Qs krusader

and install it if needed, using:

sudo pacman -Syu krusader
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Latest version is installed.

➜ pacman -Qs krusader
local/krusader 2.8.1-1
    Advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager

I guess it will have to be wait and see then… :neutral_face:

For the kicks I tried downgrading to 2.8.0 but it does not work either.

Well then, I have no suggestions, but someone else more familiar with Krusader might. There’s always Firefox in the meantime. Cheers.

Install kimageformats5 if you don’t have it already. krusader is a qt5 application, so it doesn’t handle the qt6 plugins.

krusader is a file manager, not a web browser. :stuck_out_tongue: And OP has already indicated that they can view PDFs in okular. :wink:

Yes, I’m aware Krusader is a file manager, although I have never used it.

Notwithstanding; as Firefox now has the capability, it remains a valid alternative for viewing PDF’s until the OP’s file manager issues are resolved. That said, I prefer not to use a web browser for the purpose (despite the increasing popularity), but I can’t presume to know what others are more comfortable with.

kimageformats5 was installed - does not solve the problem. I also installed kimageformats (the qt6 version), which was not installed, but issue persists

Downgrading okular to version 23.08.5 solves the issue. That version still uses kf5. I guess I’ll have to wait until krusader is ported to use kf6 and then upgrade okular again.

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